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Added: 26-12-2021

Princess Lily is sitting on her discipline bench looking down at her battered slave who is laying on the floor waiting to see what she might have planned next. She has on her favorite high heeled boots and that means trampling. She jumps down from the bench and promptly jumps onto the slaves stomach. As he is adapting to the impact she reaches up with one leg and plants the heel into his neck and the sole across his face. Poor slave he is really suffering now. Lily then steps on his chest and bounces and jumps with both feet. The marks and indentations on his body are significant and Lily even tells him "They are so pretty."Now she has the slave remove her boots. He has to suck the heels and sniff the inside of the boots. She again steps on his chest and this times gives him her sweaty foot to kiss and lick. She makes him lick between her toes and calls him nasty because her feet are so dirty. Now with better balance she jumps higher on his chest and stomach. She then squats down and brings her ass to his face. "Beg me for it" she tells him and when he does she says "no" and gets up and jumps some more. She kicks his dick and says he's not using it anyway. "You're practically a virgin" she tells him. She jumps more then presses her foot into his neck again. Hmmm, seems he's gone to sleep. "Oh well" Lily says as she walks away.

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