ClubStiletto - Mistress La Dyabla - Face sat Farted on and Trampled

Added: 03-02-2022

A naked Mistress La Dyabla has her slave laying on her dungeon floor. "Today you are going to be my carpet" she tells him. She steps up onto his stomach and then walks up to his chest telling him if he does a good job she will sit on his face. She steps back onto his stomach then onto his legs and then back up to his chest where she places a foot on his face and tells him to worship it. She then bounces on his chest which causes the slave to grunt with each bounce she takes. She steps onto the floor and sits down with her ass hovering over his face and tells him to kiss it. "Beg me to trample you more" she tells him and in between kisses he begs. As she steps back up on him she says "I like a slave that likes to suffer. She walks up and down his body and legs and then uses one foot to step on and kick his balls. After some more walking she moves back to the floor to face sit him and also because she has to fart. She leans forward so he can kiss her ass cheeks and then tells him to get his nose in her crack. When she farts it breaks her up and you can see her laughing knowing the slave literally had it blasted up his nostrils. "My little fart sniffer" she says still chuckling and then gets up to trample him yet again. This time she does a little dance on his chest before walking up and down his body a few more times. She then steps off him and brings the sole of her foot to his face and tells him to lick his ball sweat off of it. One last time sitting on his face and this time she isn't getting up. A real full meal deal for this lucky slave.

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