Gkaproduction - Ginary, Mandy - Stefania Peg Slave In Chastity

Added: 06-03-2022

Stefania Mafra and Mandy Candy walk in Elis Ataxxx on a leash and in chastity while they wear big strap-on dildos, and they tell him to bend over as they whip him. Stefania makes Elis lick her soles as he's kneeling on the ground, and Mandy has him lick her heels. The ladies have Elis bend over the massage table as they rip off his boxers, and Mandy makes him suck her strap on. Stefania and Mandy let Elis out of his chastity device, and tell him to bend over again and suck Mandy's cock as Stefania stuffs her strap on in his ass. Elis doesn’t suck Mandy good enough, and his ass isn't open for Stefania - so they lock him back up in chastity. Elis is bent back over and spreads his cheeks as Stefania fucks him in the ass as he sucks Mandy's strap on. The ladies swap, making Elis suck the strap on that was in his ass as Mandy fucks him from behind. When they are done - Stefania and Mandy slap Elis with their strap on's as he sits on the floor. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Mandy, Stefania, or Elis? Email us today.)
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