Savage Soles - Ashley Wildcat Foot Gagging Star!

Added: 08-03-2022

The beautiful and skilled Ashley Wildcat is a wrestler and it's remarkable to see her find it funny here to foot gag her inferior, Thin Man as she jams her perfect Size 9.5's-10's down his throat and laughs as he suffers. She's curious to dominate a guy who hates feet with her feet and sticks one in his face standing over him. Even Ashley's feet are pretty -- big arches and long toes. She taunts him with the question of how big her feet are and when he's wrong she kicks him then says "I wanna put these big ass feet in your mouth." Vicious foot gagging. She claps because it's so much fun. She says "I get it," of the love for foot gagging, of making his eyes well with tears as she lords above him. Ashley is a foot gagging master. She laughs that he wants her to stop and wipes his spit back on his face. A full-weight throatstand -- he suffers under Ashley's healthy weight. More foot gagging. She is a natural while reminding him she's known for wrestling and applies an arm bar and double foot slap. Ashley's legs and feet are as pretty as her face dictates they be. She jackhammer gags him from above and laughs at his pain. It appears she is just awesome at everything. She pushes her sole over his mouth but it's foot gagging she loves for it's debasing, cruel and painful properties. She's grinds her foot into his face. "Open up," she says again. She foot gags him, laughing her evil laugh as he tears up. He gags and she points out he's feeling pretty woozy, then foot smothers him. The end, terrible for him, comes on his throat with all her weight, his eyes blank and she taking it all in like the hot and dominant girl she is. Time: 18:10
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