Club Stiletto - Goddess Amelia - Door mats should be seen and NOT heard

Added: 01-04-2022

Goddess Amelia has on her dangerous red, knee high, boots with an 8" stiletto, perfect for trampling her slave, matt. She has some girlfriends coming over and she is going to tenderize him for everyone else. She tells him to kiss the heels then she steps up on him causing immediate excruciating pain for him. After standing and then walking on him she steps down so the camera can pull on and show you the deep marks she has left in his flesh. Then she is back on him for more. She lifts one foot so he takes all her weight on her one foot, shifting back so much of it is on the heel. She tells him about her planned party and what his role will be.So as not to completely finish him off to early she has him remove her boots. She tells him to sniff one of the boots then hops up on his back. She walks up and down his torso then pulls up her dress to show you her pussy. She steps on is head with both feet before stepping down and tells him to suck her toes. She orders him onto his back again and hops on one more time. She hovers over his face with her ass and tells him to reach up to kiss her butt cheeks. "I'm going to see who else wants to trample you" she tells him, getting up and walking away. "Don't go anywhere" she says.
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