TheMeanGirls - Queen Quenzi, Duchess Dani - Walking On A Loser (1080 HD)

Added: 30-04-2018
TheMeanGirls - Queen Quenzi, Duchess Dani - Walking On A Loser (1080 HD)

Queen Quenzi n Duchess Dani don’t have doormats at the Mean Girl “Desert Punishment Camp and Vacation House”. They just make a slave lie on the ground n walk all over him instead. And losers like this DESERVE to be used as doormats if they act up and have to be sent here. That’s the way it is!

The 2 newest “Mean Girls” dig their heels into this slave’s fat belly so bad that we can see the designs of their shoes on his flabby naked rolls, haha! Almost like “Princess tire tracks” running over a loser in the middle of the road! If you think American Mean Girls trampling is bad, you losers will be BEGGING to go back to that kind of pain once u get a taste of how bad we treat you at our punishment camp!

*(BTW, Dani and Quenzi just turned 18 recently and have been wanting to become “Mean Girls” for awhile now – and this is their 1st time trampling a slave under their heels! They LOVED it!)

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