Clubstiletto - Mistress Irene - Please More?

Added: 31-03-2019

This scene opens with Mistress Irene rubbing her dirty boots on her slave and a fair bit of dirt is indeed spread on his body. “This way you are not the only dirt below me” she says as she steps up onto his chest so he can enjoy her full 165 pounds on his body. She then turns sideways and starts to jump on his chest and stomach. She steps onto his head with both feet and balances there while he grunts below her. She takes hold of the fireplace next for balance and now starts to really jump on his stomach. She makes him count after each one and continues right up to 15. She then makes him lick the soles of her nasty boots, gliding the soles over his tongue.

The slave is taking a real beating so she treats him with some spit balls into his mouth. “Let me water my garden” she says. Now she steps onto his neck and then back onto his torso for some more jumping. She then informs him that he actually miscounted when she was jumping on him and she’s starting over again. When she reaches 15 he begs for mercy by saying “Please Mistress.” She replies, “Please, more?” The slave tells her that he wants it harder and higher, Irene proceeds to oblige him and tells him it’s great exercise and she could do it for an hour. One has to be careful what they ask for, especially when beneath the boots of the powerful Mistress Irene.

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