ClubStiletto - Princess Lily - He’ll Enjoy These Heels Even More Than I Will

Added: 25-06-2019

Princess Lily is sitting on the stairs with some amazing new shoes in her hands. They are new and never walked in. “I love gifts from slaves” she says as she slips them on and walks down the stairs and into the living room giving you a show of her shoes and sexy body. She’s wearing a super HOT PVC dress as well. “I know someone who will enjoy these shoes just as much as me” she says, as she walks back to the stairs where we now see her slave laying, waiting for her. He is already moaning and groaning in anticipation. She steps up on his chest and then extends one foot onto his face and neck. Now she starts bouncing on him and the slave is clearly in pain.
She has him lick the soles so as she brings each foot up to his face he is getting her full weight on just one shoe. OUCH. The camera zooms in to show the deep indents in the slaves torso. Now she leans over and spits into his mouth and onto his face. “You’re disgusting” she tells him as she uses a sole to get the spit off his face and rub it into his mouth. Finally she removes the shoes so she can walk on him further in bare feet. She steps up with both feet onto his head which causes him to twist it sharply. “I hope I didn’t break your neck” she says with little concern. She takes both shoes and sticks the heels into his mouth. She is ready to go out dancing and she tells him to stay where he is, she will have him lick the shoes clean when she returns home.

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