ClubStiletto - Lady Bellatrix - Standing on your Ugly face

Added: 22-01-2020

Bellatrix has her slave on the forest floor while she rests above him on a bench. “Open your mouth” she orders him as she lets a ball of her spit fall into it. She tells him that the place is perfect to do evil things to him. She asks him if he knows why she has to do evil things to him and before he can answer she says “because you’re a man.” She steps up onto his chest with her flats and then does some bouncing and jumping on him. She decides to step on his ugly face that she keeps in a mask because she can’t bear to look at him.

She steps full weight with both feet on his face and then moves back to his chest and stomach where she bounces, jumps and marches on him. Then she is back to his face again, both feet on it with her full weight. She then pretends she is skipping on him and then decides what would be more fun would be for her to climb on the bench and jump down onto him. She spits on him again and then takes a leap. She just loves it and decides to do it again before again stepping on his head. She goes up on the bench again and jumps on him one more time. “I’ve ignored your legs” she says and then walks up and down them and then onto his crotch. Finally she decides she just wants to relax and makes him position himself as her chaise lounge. She leans back against his bent legs and makes him lick the soles of her shoes. What a wonderful way to spend a summer day!

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