The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Mia - Waste Of Time (4K)

Added: 17-04-2020

I get emails from you idiots all the time begging to come to Mean Girl Manor. BEGGING to be in our videos, etc. And most of you get completely ignored. You know why? – Because of idiots just like the fucking loser in THIS video.

He spent WEEKS trying to convince me to let him come and be used as a slave in my videos. He said he “loved” me (LOL!) and that I could do “ANYTHING” to him! Uh huh…RIGHT. Heard it all before- and its pretty much what ALL you losers say.

So I made him join my American Mean Girls members site and send a tribute to show that he was serious. I also made him send a picture of his ID and proof of his travel plans. So far so good…so he was allowed to come here and suffer at my feet in person.

Then I invite Brat Princess Mia over to help me have fun abusing this loser and I had a WHOLE DAY planned around beating and abusing him! We were gonna have SO much fun shooting a bunch of clips abusing this tiny-dicked loser…

And guess what?? As soon as I strap this piece of human garbage into place at the Desert Compound, he starts to complain! LOL! Then he complains even more as soon as we step him in our stilettos!! Keep in mind, this is the idiot that said in his endless emails that I could do “ANYTHING I wanted” to him!!! And in his very first clip he begs us to stop the moment ONE heel is placed on his chest?? WTF??

There is footage included at the end of us finally unchaining his fat ass and basically kicking him out. This fat piece of garbage buzzed SOOO much of my time AND Mia’s time!! Our WHOLE DAY was ruined by this idiot!

So you want to know why YOU probably aren’t allowed to come here? Because of idiots like THIS. All your emails to us BEGGING that you will “take anything for us, blah blah blah”…they are most likely GARBAGE BS. And as soon as you get here (IF you even show up!) you will quit the second you feel your first whip-strike or a stiletto heel sink into your flesh.

So just keep watching the videos we make with our live-in house slaves, wimp.

Think you are “different” and can handle it? LOL well the price of admission just went up! Because of idiots just like this that are a complete WASTE OF TIME.

**(This is still a decent trample clip even though the slave was such a pussy, we were definitely mean as fuck!)**

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