The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Mistress Dandy - Slaves Heads Were Made For Standing On

Added: 18-10-2020

On a recent trip to the Manor I caught up with Princess Mia and We got to talking about all the things you little losers spend your money sending us. And since We started on the topic, I absolutely wanted to show off My new Heel$$$ and have some with them from the moment I placed them on My feet. So Mia and I grab this bald loser slave out of the corner of the room and order it to lay down in front of Us and guess what We are going to do to it… You have to see the little sissy thing shaking as it looks at the size of Our heels and listens to Us explain that We plan to stand right on it’s worthless face and head with Our heels and see if it lives through the process….

First things first, I step right on the side of the loser’s pathetic little head as My stiletto kisses it’s cheek so close that the slightest slip and this thing could be blind, deaf, or deeaad…. but slaves are disposable so it’s not a loss… after I took My turn Mia had at it, and then I climbed on again… We took turns for a while… as this freak struggled to keep from seeing it’s life end so unceremoniously…. LMFAO…

After a while, this freak started getting slimy, sweaty, and nasty and was nearly impossible to balance on in heels so Mia and I decided to remove the heels and instead thump, whack, and walk all over this freak and especially it’s head… We both took multiple turns standing with both soles smashed into it’s worthless face, and laughing that it exists for nothing more than to lay on the floor at Our feet so We can stand on it and tell it what a stupid, sad, excuse for a man it’s beta bitch ass is… and see Who of Us can make it cry for a final insult and humiliation to this worthless thing that lives for nothing more than to be treated like garbage by girls like Us…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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