IBN - Nicole, Talia - Hell On High Heels

Added: 01-02-2021

Nicole and Talia are two college cuties going our for track. Unfortunately, their coach is a pervo stalker - tramplee, of course! - who tracks them all the way to their dorm room. The girls discover that he's been stealing panties. What a sick, twisted ugly little freak! Time to learn him some manners - by smashing his face beneath their high-heel shoes. "You grabbed our asses!" Nicole spits. "How would you like it we stepped on your private parts?" Talia digs her sharp, incredibly long spike heels into his adam's apple, while Nicole flattens his ribcage with her mile-high clod-hoppers. And then those massive boots SMASH into his face. At first she applies her weight slowly; soon, she's pressing down as hard as any woman ever has. "That's the nose who used to sniff my panties!" Nicole notes in a disgusted tone. "Let's make him sniff the bottom of your shoes," Talia suggests. Just look at the way she flattens his nasal appendage beneath her weight. Both girls climb aboard his torso, trying to punch their way through his flesh and wrap their toes around his intestines. They kick his body rapidly and repeatedly, then balance on his collar bones. You'll also see neck-stomping, chest-jumping, and absolutely incredibly head trampling. Then it's time for harsh barefoot trampling. His face looks straight up as Talia pounds it into ground round. Toward the end, she stands on it full weight, while her partner studies his reaction. You gotta see the way she drops to her knees onto his tummy.

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