Mixed Model Wrestling - Simone Styles in Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body - Your Turn

Added: 08-02-2022

Scene One: Morning Stretches
Simone stretches before class when a man walks in looking for Cory and a challenge to his wrestling skills. Simone gives him that challenge and more when he insults her. She throws him down on the mat and controls his every movement.
Simone is much stronger than he ever expected and she wraps her legs around him and crushes him like a soda can. Broken and exhausted he keeps fighting with the hope of wearing her down.
Scene Two Motivate you
Come on man She says and decides to give him some motivation. She takes off her top and wrestles him again. He's completely distracted by her breasts as they roll around. Simone once again locks and rocks him.
With him completely out of breath she takes off her pants and wrestles him naked. She shoves his face into her pussy, pulling him in tight with her legs. It's turning her on so much to him into worshiping her, and suffocating him with her pussy.
Scene Three: Your turn
Take your clothes off She demands of him. Simone wrestles on top of him and grinds against him. Fuck it feels so good. He stops fighting back and lets Simone win. He licks her pussy and slides his cock inside of her.
She pushes him back into the mat and fucks on top of him, loving the feeling of being in control. He fucks her and she fucks him. Hard powerful thrusts from each of them until he shoots his load all over her face, covering her in his cum. Now that's good training She says.

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