Megan Jones, Hanz - Crush War!

Added: 01-04-2022

Megan Jones returns to NYC and faces Hanz in their 3rd competitive challenge! This takes place immediately following a rough rematch Hanz had with Megan’s protege Mia Annabella, so she’s a little extra confident that Hanz has been softened up for her. Plus she’s bigger than him and makes sure to let him know it! She’s not called the Cuban Crusher for nothing.
Regardless, Hanz has no hesitation about going power to power with Megan. They lock up and fall to the mats with a loud crash as Megan swings Hanz under her with a strong headlock! She taunts his attempts to lock her leg and responds by wrapping her thick thighs around Hanz and crushing him full body to body against her, inviting him to try to squeeze with her.
The tone of the match is set as Hanz and Magan both unleash their strongest squeezes against each other. There are multiple scissor submissions including one that comes at the end of a grueling double body scissor where they clamped on each other for over a half minute.
As the match goes on, Megan is not playing around. At one point Megan catches Hanz in a crushing head scissors that earns her a submission but she refuses to let go and clamps down again drawing a second submission!
Hanz makes Megan pay with crushing bearhugs and excruciating scissors of his own, clearly favoring the very style Megan is known for and wanting to beat her at her own game.
In the end the score is more decisive than their previous encounters as one of them really turns up the pressure! Who will endure and who will be crushed this mutual crush-fest?

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