Savannah Fox - Savannah is the Ultimate wrestler (Complete)

Added: 26-07-2018

Savannah has been training hard on the mats to become the ultimate wrestler. Some bozo online starting insulting her online . Saying she was weak, and how could any girl become the ultimate wrestler. Everyone knows women are nowhere near as strong as men are. Savannah takes up his challenge and invites him over. Little does he know she has a trick up her sleeve. Beating him is not good enough, she is going to humiliate him. This is going to be a submission match....with a twist...Every time that she gets him in a submission hold with a tap, she is going to tie up 1 part of his body. After calling her a bitch and flaunting his strength Savannah pins him to the ground. She wraps her powerful thighs around him and it over. He tries to hold out but has to tap. Savannah laughing to herself doesn't immediately let go. After frantically tapping her legs, she finally releases him and revels her little game. He accuses her of cheating, just she just mocks him. What is he afraid he will lose to a girl? She taunts him, then hobble ties his arm, and asks him if he is going to give up now? Is he scared? Insulting his manhood she laughs in his face and its to much. Rope or no rope he is going to beat this bitch. He launches himself at her and takes her down in a choke. They roll around each trying to gain control. Savannah reverses him and gets him in a crushing head scissor. As he goes to tap she reminds him that if he does, she is going to tie up his other arm.....but he doesn't want to play by the rules. He keeps trying to get free of his bondage. He slips out from his hobbles so Savannah puts him in a side head scissor. Using her big butt and thighs she chokes him out. He gasps for air and flails around desperately trying to break her hold. She chokes him until he agrees to play by her rules. About to pass out He frantically taps her legs and agrees. Out of breathe he lets her tie his hands together, and she goes for his ankles. When he protests saying she only had his hands tied, she reminds of that tap he just did. She laughs evilly and ties his ankles together. He curses her out and refuses to submit. Savannah advises him to give up, that she has obviously won this fight. But but this loser is stubborn and refuses to name Savannah as the victor. He attempts to get up and she just throws him in a front head scissor. He again breaks his hands free from the rope and tries to stop her legs from crushing him. She warns him the next time he breaks free, she is going to snap his neck. Savannah ties him up good and snug. Now since he couldn't just admit that she was the winner, she is going to choke and torture him while he is incapacitated. Starting with her figure four! She tightly clinch's around his neck and his face starts to turn purple. He makes strange gurgling noises but Savannah shows no mercy. In fact she puts him in her strongest hold yet! Her signature reverse head scissors! He admits she is the winner and begs her to stop. Savannah informs him that yes she is the winner, but its not going to end, until she knocks him out!


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