EvolvedFights - Maya Kendrich vs Nathan Bronson

Added: 23-06-2019

We have Two New wrestlers on our mats today. Nathan “Bonesaw” Bronson has decades of martial arts experience. He is taking Maya “Killsdick” Kendrick who is too humble to brag about her experience…or maybe she simply has none. Either way, Maya comes in with a black belt in shit talking. She is ready to take on Nathan and whoop his ass. Nathan is ready to fuck shit up. The match is pretty one sided for the first two rounds. Nathan dominated Maya easily. He is able to pin her and penetrate her while she struggles to get his dick out of her pussy. He submits her over and over again and gets his sexual penalties often. Maya knows this is a sex fight though. She is willing to sacrifice the first two rounds as “foreplay” so that Bonesaw is overly aroused in the third round, Maya’s stategy is to keep Nathan turned on, boner blazing from start to finish so that she can get him cumming fast in round three when orgasms on the mat are an instant victory. It’s a good plan *if* she can get on top and have her way with him. This match displays power play, Pinnning and Penetration, submissions, sexual penalties and utter domination. The winner is called and gets to do what ever they want to the loser. the Loser is fucked good and hard with no mercy and the gets their face squirted on. The winner lifts the loser up and carries the loser off the mats.

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