CPL Wrestling - Love Hurts (720 HD)

Added: 21-04-2020

Mistress stormed into the wrestling room more than upset. Her boyfriend decided to break up with her right before valentine’s day, and she is boiling mad.Walking in in her skirt and knee high pant hose she charges towards slave who is sitting on the floor. She says to him “get up, stand the fuck up”. Confused he stands up, and Mistress begins to knee him in the stomach, and gives him a few good punches to the face. Driving a few more knees into his stomach, she tosses him to the mats, all the while ranting about her break up. Mistress strips off her skirt, throws it, and grabs slave by the arms who is laying in dire pain on the mats. Dragging him on the mats she then jumps on him in a forward schoolgirl pin. Moving directly into a facesit she continues to rant about her situation and taking it out on slave. He taps but Mistress told him to stop tapping and to just take the facesit. Mistress was so mad, she told him to endure the pain, so he could feel what she was feeling. slave was breathless and gasping for air as she kept refusing to let him out. Mistress continues to berate and belittle him, as if it was his fault, continuing to terrorize him with non stop facesitting. She uses some serious full weight facesits, humiliating and verbally bashing him more. Mistress moves into reverse locking on her smothering reverse figure four scissor, really burying his face deep into her ass cheeks. Mistress is ruthless ignoring his taps, making him truly suffer. She uses straight leg reverse scissors, and reverse facesitting before getting up to her feet. Slave tries to catch his breath, but Mistress then stomps her foot down into his stomach before climbing on top. Mistress begins to jump on his stomach full weight saying ” go ahead puke, puke the hate”. You can hear the fear in his voice as she slams down into a schoolgirl pin winding him. She then takes her elbow and grinds it heavily down into his bicep muscle making him tap from the sheer pain. She then tucks his arm under his head pinning it, rips his shirt up, slaps his chest then tries to literally rip his nipple off. His screams were so loud she takes his shirt and shoves it in his mouth then covers it with her hand, and continues to torment him. Watching him suffer was blissful for her as she sits on him now in a tight pin. She told him that he better shut up as he was shrieking and moaning in pain. He failed to stop making noise so she sat on his face to make him be quiet. Mistress went full blown sadistic facesitting him, and twisting his nipples, verbally bashing him still. It looks as though Mistress had no intentions on stopping her cruelty as she cranks on a rolling side headscissor now. the truth comes out as Mistress’s ex boyfriend was cheating on her, and she wanted slave to pay for it now. He was hanging on by a thread to not go out in her scissors, and was hoping that this will come to an end soon. She rolls to her back, slave on his stomach and she applies a forward figure four. As she squeezes she slaps his face, each time he tapped she barely released. His face was now as red as an apple, Mistress quickly releases the hold and jumps backwards on him. She secures a figure four, squashing his face in her calves and thighs his eyes light up with fear. After a few good taps, she lets the hold go, and jumps on his back driving her knees in with each jump. Mistress shoves his face into the mats smothering him, all the while yelling at him. Slave is exhausted and beaten, as she rolls to the side, slapping his face grabbing his chin. She locks her wrists around his throat and pulls hard, blocking his air, trying to break his wind pipe. Mistress slaps him hard in the face saying ” say your a fucking jerk, SAY IT”. Wanting to conform to whatever she asked him to do, he says it. She hits him a few more times before wrapping her thighs tightly around his neck in a headscissor. Now each time he tapped, she slams her heels quickly into his stomach kicking him fast. She does this a few times to him then moves into a forward facesit. Tucking his arms under her shins he has no strength left to fend her off. As she facesits him she tells him to say sorry. He tries to say it a few times but it was muffled into her crotch. She lifts up and he says it but she slaps him and tells him to say it louder. He finally says it, and she stands up and says “i’m fucking done with you, I’m out of here”. Mistress storms out of the room and leaves a beaten and battered slave on the mats. Mistress is truly scary when she is upset, she has no compassion, nor remorse for her victims.

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