Miss Suzanna Maxwell - a slaves Breakfast

Added: 05-02-2022

A typical morning in Maxwell Manor will start with My slaves waiting in the kitchen with My morning tea brewed at the perfect temperature.
They are knelt prostrate waiting for My commands and I demand some foot worship as I take My first sip of tea. flash worships My feet greedily, whilst mushroom can only watch.
When i'm satisfied I show them to their morning drink, My fluid from the evening before and must be drank using no hands, lapped up and enjoyed like a good obedient puppy. I sit back and relax and I tell mushroom to amuse Me and put flash's cock in his pathetic little mouth.
I want to watch flash get hard from bi, something he hates, which just drives Me even more wild. Little mushrooms head bobbing around desperately trying to do a good job and make Me happy. flash is extremely aroused and has been denied release for quite some time, he will explode in mushrooms mouth if I am not careful so I dismiss him and send him out.
flash's hard appendage is positively pulsing as I walk over to the toaster and turn it on. I edge flash over his breakfast plate and just as the toast pings I bring him over the edge to a delightful ruined orgasm onto the hot bread. he is put on his knees and made to eat his delicious breakfast sandwich.......... only the best behaved receive such wondrous treats for breakfast at Maxwell Manor.

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