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The most popular XXX subgenre within this femdom genre is, of course, dirty panties video clips. There's something so exciting about worshiping your goddess' underwear, inhaling her musky aroma and stroking your pathetic dick. These dirty panties porn vids focus on the humiliation and the complete control that a mistress has over her slave(s). No matter how humiliating a task is, they'll still do it even if that means sniffing panties. Dirty, stinky, panties, that is. Most slaves can't really get it up unless they are breathing in their mistress' odor. That's what dirty panties video clips are all about – obedience and loyalty.

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It's not ALL about panties porno video, you know? Some of the adult movies featured here focus on ass sniffing, armpit smelling, toe smelling, etc. There's this particular video that you're going to really dig and it features two European-looking teens resting their feet on the guy's face. The twist is – they just came home from the gym and the dude is forced to smell their stinky socks, inhaling that cheesy scent like a loon.

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