The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Mistress Dandy - Foot-Freak Masturbation Entertainment (4K)

Added: 20-04-2020

Me n Dandy are bored so we are talking about how we could use a slave to entertain us. Dandy notices that there is a slave kneeling over in the corner that we could use. Apparently he was left there hours ago by Goddess Platinum. We call it over and command it to “masturbate for us!!” while it kneels at our feet- just for our entertainment so we can laugh at it.

I mean, how pathetic is that? It has to kneel their and jerk itself off like a fool while we literally just laugh in its face and mock it for not being good enough to have REAL sex with any woman as hot as us! So sad…

Not to mention, we know this pathetic fuck has such a bad foot fetish that it literally can’t help but start getting a hardon and jerking off if we tease it with our feet! OMFG…SO pathetic!! Can you imagine?? Someone just sticks their foot in your face- and you start uncontrollably getting hard and masturbating?? What a FREAK! But we will have some fun with it…

Oh, and toward the end of its “performance” for us, we inform it of a little “extra humiliation” we have planned for it whenever it finally cums! Let’s just say that after we tell it our plans, all of a sudden it doesn’t even WANT to cum anymore! Oh, well we can’t have that, now can we?? If we say “CUM”- a slave will CUM!

Eventually I start teasing the slave with how SWEATY my gorgeous feet are getting inside of my clear plastic ankle boots…and now the slave is TRYING DISPARATELY not to cum!! Haha! But it has no choice- once my boot comes off the slave literally cums THE SECOND MY PERFECT, SWEATY FOOT TOUCHES IT’S LIPS!!!

HAHA sooo pathetic. But guess what?? Its time for the second part of your “entertainment” for us now, loser…

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