The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - How Pathetic Are You? (1080 HD)

Added: 28-04-2020

So I have been hanging around here and getting waited on hand and foot by these pathetic old losers for awhile now since my aunt took over Mean Girls. But usually I don’t talk to these freaks too much except to tell them what the fuck to do for me. But this time, while this fat old loser is serving me my brunch, I decide to ask him WHY he does whatever the fuck we say. Like, does he actually enjoy being treated this way??? And can you believe it, he actually said “no”!

Then he admits to me that this is literally the only way he can be around girls as hot as me. So this fat, ugly, old fuck is putting up with all this just to be around me because he is seriously just THAT pathetic! And he does make a good point that being treated like dirt by ME is still better than being around some fat old ugly woman- even if she is “nice” to him. Well, I can’t resist…I want to see exactly HOW much abuse he will put up with to be around me LOL.

So I proceed to humiliate the FUCK out of him, telling him right to his face what I think of him. (It is NOT “nice”! LOL) I slap him right across the face, mock him, yell at him, throw food at him, and literally spit right in his face over and over- and he just LETS me, like the pathetic fuck that he is! Gawd, I love being young and hot…and power that it gives me to treat ugly people like DIRT. LOL

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