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Added: 18-06-2021

Goddess Randi comes home from the gym, the slave has been waiting for her, bowing down with head to floor. Goddess is wearing sport outfit, and has her sport bag in her hand. when goddess comes into house, she orders her slave to kiss the floor once that each of her sneakers stepped on first. but slave cant kiss exactly the right place, but goddess doesnt get angry because she knows her slave is stupid. Then she goes to table for relaxing, while going she orders slave to taker hers cake and drink. because she is hungry after sport.

Slave brings a plate and her drink, and put them on table near goddess. then down on his knees before goddess. goddess start to eat, and she knows his slave has not eaten anything for so long because of his punishment. goddess reminds him not to forget that he can drink her BFs cum filled condom if he wants to eat something and not be punished again. goddess tells slave as relaxed , they are his owners and serving them is slave's duty.

Then goddess orders slave to take her sneakers off. he takes them off and put them on floor. goddess doesnt allow him to smell them yet. she orders him to grovel before his sneakers and pray them for some mercy. while slave is praying to goddess's sneakers, goddess laughs and dangles her socked feet in front of slave and keeps eating and drinking. This is a real humiliating for the slave praying to a pair of sneakers.

Then goddess orders slave to open the sport bag. she tells 'the surprise items are there for your forgiveness if you worship them good, maybe i can allow you to eat something and maybe smell my feet, all my decisions depend on your effort.' then slave opens the sport bag. there are goddess' BF's underwear and socks used at gym in it. slave is shocked, but goddess laughs, and reminds him again never forget to clean your master's holy cum clean again, so now pray for mercy from his worn goodies and feel his scent with all your soul.' because of bf had gone to work he had sent his worn goodies to home for his slave's punishment.

Then goddess orders him to smell bf's socks first,harder and deeper not to forget their smell ever. then bf's underwear, and tells slave angrily, 'remember and know your master's ass and cock scent truly, a real man's sweat and while slave is doing, goddess laughs at his pathetic position. then orders slave to put the items into the bag again, but make sure he folds then gently.

After slave gets on his knees before his goddess. goddess randi still eating and drinking and dangling and showing her socked feet, orders slave to smell her socks deeper and deeper to feel the heaven scent. then orders slave to take her socks off and only look her feet from 4-5 inch away. so close but so far! and orders him to pray to her feet as folding his hands before her feet, and beg her for forgiveness, mercy and food. while slave is begging, goddess randi laughs this pathetic creature, she reminds him he lives for his owners and no more than that. then after begging, goddess randi orders slave to smell between each of her toes and kiss each of her toes like a forgiveness ceremony.

Then goddess spitted out the last cake left overs into plate, and only spit on them again. and put the plate on floor , and order slave to eat, she looks at him while he is eating in a merciful but cruel way. and goes to her room. while going she tells to slave he can only drink his water from her toilet bowl for 3 days. laughs. and goes...

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