Dreamgirls In Socks - Carmela - Carmelas Summer Pleasures

Added: 22-11-2021

Carmela is a really hot dreamgirl who loves watching me suffer at her feet, and it looks like this clip is no exception! Her feet has been sweating all day in her boots, so she really needs to give them some fresh air! She makes me sit right in front of her, so it’s gonna be a lot easier for her to fully enjoy her slave! She takes pleasure in teasing me with her boots, before having me take them off to completely cover my face with her cute sweaty socks! She presses my face against the wall with her smelly feet, so there was no way for me to get some fresh air! Carmela makes breathe deeply into her socks, and also laughs at me by rubbing one of her feet on my hard cock under the chair, and keeps her other foot on my nose! She knows how horny her feet turns me on, so she loves to take advantage of it too! She makes me take deep breaths in her socks, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks too! Carmela also makes me take her socks off, to cover my face again but this time with her stinking bare feet! She makes me sniff her smelly feet, and crushes my hard cock again under the chair with her other foot! She was such a cock tease! I was about to cum in my pants! She makes me sniff the sweaty bottoms of her soles, and makes me lick the sweaty bottoms of her feet too! She also laughs at me by spitting in my face, just to add on her own entertainment! It was really intense!

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