Sadistic Girls - Eileen - Live for My Feet (1080 HD)

Added: 10-01-2022

If you have watched Eileen`s first movie "Into the mud", than you know that Eileen is amazing, beautiful Goddess.
Everything about her is perfect. The Beauty, the aura, her voice and her hot body and her beautiful feet. The slave from the first session is crazy for Eileen.
Eileen laughs and askes him on the phone "Would you work and live for my feet ?" The slave would everything to taste and worship her delcisious feet and soles again.
So it happens. Eillen showed up, with old dirty boots. Eilee lights up a cigarette "What are you waiting ? Show me that you want to live for my feet."
He has to lick her oldy dirty boots, while she smokes and laughs about this loser. Than he has to smell her sweaty socks.
Eilleen sits above his face and presses her stinky socks right on his face. "Would you like to live in the smell of my feet ?"
Her feet are also very dirty and Eileen doesn`t stop to let him lick and worship her feet. Eileen takes a glas of champange and a cigarette "What are you waiting for ? Lick and clean my dirty feet !"

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