Dreamgirls In Socks - Elodie - Seduction

Added: 06-03-2022

Elodie is definitely one of my favorite dreamgirls because she really does everything all the time to completely drive me crazy with her feet! She always wears her socks for a very long time, but a very, very long time. Sometimes she can wear them for about a month in her shoes, and the smell of her socks gets very strong! You just have no idea! She also always make sure to have her shoes or her sneakers very early in the morning before she comes to see me, just to make sure that her socks become really unbearable to smell! Sometimes it seems like it turns her on to dominate me, and she definitely seems to take more and more pleasure in humiliating me at her feet! It was definitely the perfect time for another shoot with Elodie after another hot summer day in her sneakers! Hopefully, she picks a really long Netflix movie once again!
Elodie asked me to promise her to be able to endure her feet for at least an hour before giving me permission to take her sneakers off, and she told me if I didn’t do at least an hour, she would not come back. It was a ton of pressure on me considering what she can usually do with her socks, but I had no choice but to comply with her demands. I had to take off her sneakers, and then she immediately covers my face with her sweaty white socks. They were so hot and so intense! It was probably one of the strongest smells I had ever smelled in my life! I had an almost instant erection from the strong smell, and the smile on her face said it all! She makes me breathe deeply into her socks, and she makes me lick the dirty bottoms of her socks too! My member was so hard that she also seems to have fun rubbing her feet on it, just to add to the pain! At one point, I was really about to cum in my pants, and I think she could really feet it! Is this love?
Elodie also wanted to give her sweaty feet some fresh air after having to face her sweaty socks in my face for over 75 minutes, so she makes me take her socks off with my teeth, then push her dirty socks in my mouth with her toes, and verbally humiliates me with her dirty sock in my mouth, and her foot on my nose! She is so intense! She makes me take her other sock off with my teeth too, and makes me chew on her second sock for a while. My favorite part is when she rubs one of her feet on my hard cock, while holding her dirty sock in my mouth with her other foot! I really thought I was going to cum on her feet because the smell was so strong! She makes me sniff and lick the bottom of her sweaty naked feet, and makes me suck her toes too! Elodie also demands of me that I slide my tongue between each of her toes to clean everything well! Such a Diva! This was for sure one of my favorite sessions with Elodie, but I hope there are more to come! The full version of this clip is actually 86 minutes long, and you will find that version right on the next page, or just below this version. Every minute spent with this magnificent Elodie is truly pure pleasure! (French Language)
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