Clubdom - Mistress Kelly - Cruel Women, Crueler Games and Fuck Puppets

Added: 02-05-2017

These two incredible Goddesses have a game in mind. The slaves have to race each other around in a circle three times. Whoever looses gets a little bit less pain. They ensure the slaves that they are both going to get it regardless while they laugh! Round and round the slaves go and of course one of them loses. Guess he is getting shocked really badly! . The women laugh as they continue to torment them. These men only exist to serve their Mistresses, no matter how cruel their treatment. The women get bored and decide they have another game in store. Mistress Kelly and her friend give their restrained slave 20 seconds to jerk off unless she fries his balls with the cattle prod. What of the other slave? He cannot just stand there. They decide to clean off his useless fuck stick with water making him even more conductive to the electricity and give him a choice at which ball they should shock.The girls go back to slave 1 bound on the table and decide to milk his slut-stick and are so unhappy with what he produces. They decide to save it to put on their dildo for when they fuck his man pussy later. After all of that CBT, in “Cruel Mistresses, Crueler Games,” the Mistresses enjoy using their slaves in a human pony cart race. After that, they decide to see if the slaves have any worth. Limp cocks are just so pathetic and useless but their dildo gags are nice and firm! The slaves are instructed to fuck their owners beautiful pussies over and over again. The Mistresses moan and try to cum but the slaves are just so awful at it. Eventually the slaves do something right but the women already have their minds made up to go inside the house and fuck each other. They lock up their fuck puppets in their cages. Perhaps they can be of use later.

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