Mistress Trish - All Out Balls to the Wall Testicle Assault

Added: 23-02-2018

Lets get those balls a little warmed up so that I can really hurt them, smiles Mistress Trish to slave m as She begins a merciless assault of dozens of hard kicks to his nuts. Trish is dressed in a clear green latex mini-dress n high heels that show off Her legs, legs that are an unequaled combination of muscular sexiness and cruel power. The slave is helpless in the corner and steadies himself for Trishs 1st kicks, which begin to tenderize his testicles as She purrs in contentment. Doubles over in the corner as Mistress Trish circles him. Little pain? Little sore? Trish laughs, as slave m submits his balls to the Goddess. More vicious kicks to slave ms balls, cock, and thighs have him grabbing his legs in agony and gasping for breath, and Mistress Trishs next kick sends the slave flying into the wall. Trish again circles the slave in the corner, and he dutifully struggles to keep his testicles presented to Mistress for Her next blows. A vicious kick sends the slave to the floor. Was that one good? Nice n hard? Trish taunts, as the slave forces himself up for more kicks. I am in a mean mood today, Trish declares, as She enjoys the rhythm of doubling over slave m in pain and then smashing his balls again just as he is able to get up. Trish pushes m against the wall n grinds Her shoe into his aching cock and testicles. After that small break, She backs up and unleashes three full force kicks that slam into the slaves balls, with Trish enjoying the beautiful sounds of Her foot solidly pounding into the slaves nuts and his gasps of agony. After slave m presents his balls again, Trish nails them with 5 relentless blasts that send the slave to the ground. After he manages to get up, Mistress Trish attacks them with four powerful kicks, one after the other. Trish backs up for even more force, and crumples the slave by stepping in with a brutal shot. The Goddess gives Her slave a little time to recover so She can finish him off with some insanely hard kicks. Each of the next four kicks is so forceful that it pops the slave into the air before he bends over in pain, finally dropping to the floor. The slave lifts himself yet another time, and Mistress Trish sends him to the ground one last time with 3 savage kicks. Good boy, says Trish, as She is finally satisfied for now.

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