Sweetfemdom - Charlotte Sartre, Lily Lane, Pierce Paris - Planet Destroyer Charlotte and Lily Lane Part 1

Added: 01-07-2019

Evil Planet Destroyer Charlotte Sartre is happily cruising around in her space ship with her new ballbusting slave, Super Pierce. “How long has it been since I kicked you in the balls?”

“About 10 minutes…”
“Oh that’s way to long!”

Charlotte gives Pierce a few light kicks with her hard high heel boots while he’s kneeling when Super Lily shows up to stop her evil. Charlotte just laughs and continues to kick Super Pierce in the balls in front of his ex partner.
Lily knows she cannot take out Charlotte on her own. She begs Pierce to come to his senses and help her fight Charlotte. It’s too late. His brain is mush. Charlotte puts a magic crystal collar on Lily, which makes her uncontrollably horny and sadistic.

Now Charlotte has a super powered sexy side kick with huge tits on her side. Lily and Pierce used to be partners, but so it makes Charlotte even happier to see Pierce get his balls kicked in by his ex partner/lover.
After some hard ball kicking, punching, squeezing, kneeing… Pierce begs them to give his balls a break and just fuck him in the ass like a sissy. They giggle at him, kick him even harder a few times, make him beg, then agree.

To be continued…

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