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Added: 25-07-2020

One of the most exciting things that happens at the Mean Girl Manor is when several of Us are at the house on the day a new slave shows up in the hopes of earning an opportunity to serve Us regularly. These pathetic beta males all typically promise the same thing, “Anything You Want Princess…” or “Whatever You Say Goddess…” and the vast majority fail miserably….

In this video, Goddess Platinum, Goddess Draya, and Myself we’re all spending an afternoon at the Manor when a brand new little slave boy appeared at the door begging to be given the opportunity to be of use to Us. And while none of Us expected it to last very long… (I mean, just look at how malnourished and scrawny the thing looks) every now and then, a new potential slave manages to do better than expected and makes things even more fun for Us…..

So after allowing this pathetic thing in to the Manor, We stripped it down, slapped a collar and leash on it, and anchored it to the large pillar that separates the formal living room and the entryway with a ratcheting tie down…. This pathetic little thing remained naked on it’s hands and knees as We decided what We wanted to do with it. Aunt Platinum immediately suggested ball busting the thing as She loves the fear it strikes in losers when She crushes their balls with some of the most vicious kicks of any Mean Girl past or present…. When Draya suggested making it into a competition to determine who could break “Deez Nuts” the fastest and with the most power, the game was on and this poor pathetic little bitch had it’s fate sealed by Our excitement at getting to destroy this disposable thing just to see which of Us could hurt it the most….. HAHAHAHAHAHA…..

And yet all you stupid losers beg and beg and beg for Us to continue treating you like the waste of flesh you are…. it is really hard for Me to imagine how anyone could be so stupid and so pathetic as to think that it’s a good idea to come and visit Us at the Manor after they see all the videos where We utterly destroy any minimal amount of masculinity that these losers might have from the minute they walk in the door until the time We kick them out broken in both body and wallet….

But back to the clip and what happened to this clueless sack of humanity… as it was still on all fours, We told it that We would all be taking turns kicking and crushing its worthless baby beta balls for as long as We’d like… and to add to the competitive nature of the game, the loser would need to rate each and every kick on a ten scale as each of Us took Our turn…. Draya and I would try and beat Platinum’s score to see whether We had become as “deeeaadly” as everyone knows My Aunt is….

Draya started the process delivering a swift kick to the things groin… as it curled over in pain it gave the first score, and I had My first shot on the loser…. The third kick was from My Auntie and after the first round We discussed upping the ante and adding a challenge for who could get the first “Perfect Ten…”

Draya took Her second kick, as did I, and then Aunt Platinum. We continued through multiple rounds while this pathetic creature kept getting it’s little package crushed only to hear Us laughing at it as it flopped on the ground like a fish out of water. It cried out repeatedly and sounded at times like it was going to diiee, but the numbers for each round of kicks kept continually edging upwards until We had Our first TEN!!! And guess who blasted this slaves balls so far into it’s throat that it awarded Her a Perfect Ten….??? Give up loser? Well, then buy the clip and see…. And better yet, check out how many more times We kicked it even after reaching a perfect score…. But We can bitch boy, because We’re perfect, We’re Mean Girls, and We don’t give the slightest fuck about stupid losers and their pathetic useless balls. As a matter of fact, We much prefer to destroy all losers balls to the point where none of you idiots could ever reproduce again….

So as this thing lies crying on the floor, missing it’s manhood that We just kicked completely out of it, We stood it up yet again top take more abuse. Kick, kick, kick, and the last rating it gave wasn’t even a TEN…. The thing just wailed and whined when We asked the score…. “Hard….. oh so hard…… it was so hard…. Oh my Goddess…. Princess…. Oh so hard…… “ and it kept whining and mumbling and making nonsense noises that probably might have sounded like words if the thing had any nuts left. Too bad it didn’t, but that’s the price of serving the Mean Girls loser…. No one calls Us the Nice Girls, and this clip is a perfect example of why….

So get one of the most brutal ball busting clips I can recall in My time as a Mean Girl…. Between My Aunt’s ferocious kicks, Draya’s love of smashing the hard pointed toe of Her heels into it’s nuts, and My willingness to make this thing beg Me to hurt it, this clip is one all Our ball busting fans should get. It’s hotter than the summer swelter in Vegas this month and that is quite literally nearly as hot as it fucking gets….

So click buy now like a good little bitch piggy and see what We’d do to you if you ever had enough guts to visit the Manor and take what Our loser slaves take….

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