Ballbusting Beauties - Luna, Jay - Luna Leigh's First Time Ballbusting - Ball Abuse

Added: 27-05-2021

Luna and Jay met through a set of crazy circumstances and it turns out that she has always wanted to try kicking a guy in the balls but has never done it.  So Jay voluntarily gives himself over to her so she can have some fun.  Testing his limits at first, her kicks are light and a tease for what is to come.  As her confidence in her kicks grow so does the strength behind them as she delivers accurate strikes right to Jay's balls.  Unable to control his primal urges while being ballbusted by a princess like Luna, he becomes rock hard with every kick keeping him on the edge.  A hard kick connects with Jay's left nut, sending him to the ground on all fours in front of Luna.  Loving every minute of seeing him in such a vulnerable position, she steps on his hands as she looks down at her work.  Pulling him up by the hair she continues alternating between kicking and kneeing him from the front and the back, eventually wanting to see the action and ordering him to strip off his pants.  After slapping his erect cock around a bit with her hands, she grips it hard and unleashes rapid fire knees to his helpless testicles.  With his erection exposed, every kick Luna lands sends his dick slapping into his stomach as she demonstrates just how skillful her busting techniques are.  Feeling happy from her first time ballbusting, she delivers one final hard, absolutely pulverizing blow to his balls before being completely satisfied!!

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