CfnmTV - BORDER SQUAD: Yosef Part 1-3

Added: 08-02-2019

We’ve been granted full access to one of the country’s busiest airports. Our cameras will follow the customs officers as they go about their daily duties. We will learn the procedures they must perform daily to protect our borders. From baggage checks to full body pat-downs to intimate body searches – nothing is off limits. The tough women of the Border Squad are strict and efficient and we’ll see how they deal with even the most difficult of passengers.

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Virginia Gregson is the senior customs officer at Border Squad and she’s just pulled over Yosef Belozerchev, a businessman who’s just arrived from Moscow. it started off as a routine check that revealed Yosef had brought in food and cigarettes without declaring them. But things became a lot more serious when an examination of his luggage revealed a hidden panel full of a suspicious white powder.

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Where Yosef comes from he’s a very powerful man. He’s used to having women at his feet – but not like this. The two customs officers aren’t here to pleasure him, quite the opposite. To them his naked body is merely something to be scrutinised for any other banned substances he might be trying to hide. Their actions make the big man angry – but he’s well aware of who is in charge here and must keep his rage in check for fear of the consequences.

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