Sweetfemdom - Naomi Nash, Tony Orlando - 18 Year Old Naomi Nash: Final Edging Interrogation

Added: 01-07-2019

Dr Tony Orlando is still paralyzed from the neck down (except his cock and balls) from the injection 18 year old super spy Naomi Nash gave him. He’s laying naked on his back in a bed when Naomi walks in wearing crotchless fishnets, heels and a corset.

Naomi is going to finally make the scientist tell her everything she wants to know. His brain is jelly. She’s been edging and draining him and tormenting him to the point of breaking. Now it’s time for her to get off.
She sits on his face and uses his tongue to orgasm, then sits on his hard cock and rides it. She rides him slow then fast. Every time he’s about to cum she jumps off of him and smiles. “Not yet…”

The 18 year old spy uses his cock until she is content with orgasms. The scientist begs her to let him cum. He’s ready to tell her anything.
“I know you think you’re done, but I need to be sure you’re telling the truth. I’m going to leave you here with blue balls for a while… I’ll be back to finish you…”

She walks away.
Super Spy Naomi Nash returns the the helpless Dr Orlando to finish her job. He’s still paralyzed and bewildered and ready to give her everything she wants.

He blurts out where his safe is upstairs with the secret serum she is looking for. He tells her where to find all of his documentation on the serum, and even the combination of the safe.
“Good…. Now all I have to do is drain your balls one last time for fun then dispose of you…”

The Dr begs her to let him live. She smiles and tells him it isn’t personal while she straddles him and slides his cock inside her wet 18 year old pussy.
Noami rides his cock, orgasming on him and smiling, but stopping when he gets too close to cumming. She loves watching her victim squirm and beg to cum one last time.

Finally she strokes his cock until he shoots a big load of cum all over himself. She makes him lick it off her hand, then tells him it’s time…

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