Danielle Maye - Therapy With The Wife

Added: 30-06-2017

Hi, I'd like a video where you my wife's therapist, and you are treating her for trust issues. You have asked me along for the first time to see if I can help in her next session. When I arrive, you are in a low cut shirt, skirt and high heels (secretary wear), and you immediately notice me staring at your cleavage. You tell my wife you are going to try something to see how she reacts, and you seduce me into jerking off for you in front of my wife. I try to resist, but you manage to get me to jerk, using your cleavage and my obvious lust for your tits. As I start to jerk, you tell my wife not to worry, this is all part of the treatment, then suddenly you tell me I can either stop now and leave with my wife or receive a blowjob from you and forget all about my marriage. You laugh at my wife as I give in quickly, and she has to watch as I give in to you.

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