Goddess Gwen – Taking Millions from you before I end you!

Added: 06-07-2017

A dinner date from the POV of a millionaire businessman.

I don’t find u at all sexually attractive. However, I called your bank earlier & they revealed your financial details 2 me – I have my ways of making men leak information they should not – & it turns out Iyou have a total of 48.5 million dollars on various accounts. That is the kind of amount that turns me on. i tell you that if u want to have sex with me, Iyou should transfer all of that money into my account right now – i know you can do that using your secure smartphone with fingerprint identification. After a moment of hesitation u pick your phone and do as your told. While you empty all your bank accounts, I smile deviously and open my shirt, revealing my bra.

I’m not yet satisfied, however. I tell u i also negotiated on your behalf with the bank manager for a 50 million dollar loan – the money again goes to my account, while the payments fall on you. The paperwork is in your email and all it needs is your electronic signature. As you hesitate a bit longer than before, I point to your erection and suggest you take it out of your pants so you can jerk off with one hand while you use your phone with the other. Then I start touching my breasts and encourage you to jerk harder. This breaks your resistance and you take the loan. mention that there are other papers 4 you to sign in your email: I contacted two other banks and got similar loan offers from them – one for 60 million and the other for 70 million dollars. They were more than happy to offer huge loans to a famous businessman – despite the unusual arrangement that sends the money to my account instead of yours. You accept them both – now completely unable to control yourself.

But I want even more. called your attorney & made him draft a legal document that transfers from the ownership of your three mansions with their vast antique & art-collections, luxury yacht and dozen sportscars – their combined total value exceeding 85 million dollars.sign it, and you can only obey. Next on the line is your stock portfolio – currently worth 97 million according to your stock broker, whom i convinced 2 arrange the transfer of ownership free of charge. That document is also in inbox, just waiting for your signature. Stop jerking off, for there is one more paper to sign to me: the huge life insurance policy of 100 million dollars that i’ve created for you. Eager to get back to jerking off, yousign it without a second thought – i hand u a small pill and tell you I don’t want to wait years to get my insurance money – i’d rather take it tonight! the pill will first paralyze you & then slowly stop your heart and lungs from working, causing a long and painfull. Hearing that makes you hesitate again, but then i say i’ll have sex with you while you are dying and let you cum on my face and tits at the end. That’s too good of an offer 4 you to refuse, so you take the pill and prepare for the best & last sex of your life.

But as soon as You’ve taken the pill, I tell u I just noticed how late it is already – I have to go & drain another stupid loser of his life savings. So, with a satisfied smile I just stand up and walk away – leaving you dying, penniless & with an erection you can no longer touch because of the paralysis.

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