KaylaKiss - Be Careful What You Wish!

Added: 23-11-2017

It’s tough being a girl sometimes! There are all sorts of different things that girls deal with & go through in order to be attractive for their boyfriends! Heels hurt our feet. Bras constrict our big boobs. Makeup and hair takes time n money. Read less
And doing crunches and squats in order to get toned up for you leaves me with sore muscles! So today, when you laugh at me and blow off my complaints while we browse through a dirty, junk-filled flea market, I lose my cool with you! My hand finds the first random piece of junk on the table that it can and I pick it up & wave it in your face, shaking it to really get my “you’re being a jerk” point across to you. But I’ve just unwittingly sealed your fate! This random piece of junk I picked up is a magic genie lamp! And the words I uttered while waving it about were, “Sometimes I just wish you were a girl for one day so that u would know what girls have to deal with!”. No sooner have I finished that line when changes start to occur! First, it is just a loss of weight and height. But then your facial features seem 2 become more delicate and cute. Pouty lips. Longer, lighter colored locks of hair. Wider hips. Slender, shapely calves and dainty ankles. You are freaked out and confused but I can’t help but laugh and giggle at you! I am curious and intrigued by these changes in u & drag you home to find out what will happen next! Just how far will these changes go? I don’t want to give it all away in the description. I walk u through all of your physical changes while I go through my own mental changes and attitude towards u as well!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Big Tits, POV, Huge Boobs, Big Breast, Tit Worship, Breast Worship, Boobs Worship, Mesmerize, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck

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