Xev Bellringer - The Company’s Big Secret

Added: 23-11-2017

You’ve only been with the company three days, & it already happened. Your boss had cornered u… used u… fucked u. The way she approached you, touched you… as though it was commonplace, even encouraged behavior. Even now as you confess 2 Xev, the head of human resources, u couldn’t help but get the same distinct feeling. Read less
She, just like every employee at the company, resonated with a heightened sexual need. She had trouble maintaining professional composure, squirming in her seat, idly touching her exposed lacy bra as she prompted you 4 details of the encounter.
How did it happen again…? Did your boss’s bra look like this? It was so hot in that room. You were quickly losing focus on anything but HER. Was it that tea she offered u? Suddenly, every move she made… every breathless moan she uttered between questions was turning you on beyond belief. You could barely manage a response when she opened her silk blouse further, & hitched up her skirt. And what about your boss’s panties… did they look like this? Her fingers traced the hem of the crotch, then slipped underneath. She moved the notepad 2 hide it but you knew… she was masturbating. And with each dirty detail you relayed, she breathed harder, rubbed her pussy faster until… Did she cum in front of u??
It just wasn’t enough 4 her… for the company’s record. She needed you to reenact EXACTLY what happened… EXACTLY how fast your boss stroked your cock, EXACTLY how many fingers u penetrated her with… faster…. FASTER. Until she sat right down on your throbbing cock. Only then did your boss make u cum inside of her.

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