HumiliationPOV - Princess Meggerz - You Join Again And Again, You Can’t Overcome Your Addiction To HumiliationPOV

Added: 02-12-2017

Is the the second time you’ve come crawling back? The third? The fourth? Exactly how many times have u cancelled your membership and come crawling back? You get a moment of clarity & u cancel your membership & then you regret it. You regret it the moment your password expires n u no longer have access. You don’t know what 2 do with yourself. All you can think about is what you are missing inside. Read less
You’ve got your dick in one hand n your credit card in the other and you are going back and forth arguing with yourself as to why u should join again or why you should resist.

But how can u resist so many hot brats? Your dick can’t handle it. Think of all the clips you are missing. You know you need it loser. You know you can’t live without it. Once you took that plunge the first time you were hooked, like an addict. Addicted to jerking your dick while pretty girls make fun of u for being an addicted loser who can’t overcome his addiction. You wanna jerk it and cum so bad but u can’t until you join again. The previews just aren’t doing it for u.

I’ll bet u just sit there jerking as you stare at the join page trying to resist 4 like the tenth time. And then once you give in and proceed with the transaction, what’s the first thing you do once you are inside? You go right to the forum and confess that you couldn’t resist and joined again because you’re just a pathetic wanking loser. And I love logging in & reading about your experience and how desperately you needed back in. Your cock couldn’t stop twitching as u put your credit card information in and joined again. I love reading how we do that to u, how controlled by your cock u r.

Admit it, give in, you can’t stroke without being a member. You’ve become so conditioned by us. Stroke it u pathetic little loser boy. You crave the humiliation. You love jerking on your knees with your credit card in your teeth, desperate 2 join again, but not wanting to give in, but knowing you’ll. You can’t get enough.

Did you join yet? You need it, you want it, you can’t cum without it. And now you can’t wait to post knowing I’m going to be reading about your pathetic experience. I know you’re going to give in, it’s only a matter of time. The forum is Filled with posts of other losers like you who couldn’t resist, and couldn’t wait to post about how pathetic they are. Soon you’ll be back stroking, back cumming, not missing out on a thing and being even more humiliated for cancelling that membership in the first place. Go fucking join again loser. I love seeing your repeated posts.

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