Glam Worship – With Dannii

Added: 04-03-2018

You cant resist me, none of you can. I’m your addiction and nothing is going to change that. You are addicted to my body, my voice, my power, my intelligence. Just sit there for a moment and look at what you cant have. Ha, I love teasing you! Now grab that bottle of and open it, do it now! If you want to have fun with me, you need to follow my instructions without question. Now take a long sniff and hold it in, …2..3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! Ha look at you, so fucked up already! Come here and sniff this pussy of mine, thats it. Take a nice huge whiff! Now back up, its time for another hit! HOLD IT IN! Good now come sniff this perfect ass of mine, that’s it. You are so lucky you know that. To have a mistress as perfect as me. Now stop! Take another hit, do it bitch! Aw look at you getting so dizzy! Tell me that you are my bitch! Yell it! I am going to pour these on my panties and you are going to come over here and sniff them clean! Come on bitch! That’s it. Nice long sniffs. You’re my junkie! Now come here and cum on these boots of mine. That’s it mmm feels so good doesnt it. Now lick them clean and fuck off!

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