Sasha Mizaree - A Mindless Idiot’s Dilema, Eat It Or Ruin It

Added: 09-04-2018
Sasha Mizaree - A Mindless Idiot’s Dilema, Eat It Or Ruin It

Let's get something clear, you are ugly, worthless, pathetic, and have no self control. You're just a jerkoff addict. So let's get down to what you're here for, take out that pathetic cock and start jerking. I know you just love making me a part of your disgusting jerkoff sessions. You love being told what to do, just like a little bitch. And if I'm going to waste my time on you, you're going to have to make it entertaining. You're going to behave like a bitch for me, you're going to do disgusting things for me. And you will do them to completion because I know how stupid you get when you're all horny. I make you edge and stop, edge and stop, and then you'll simply do anything I say.
You're so predictable. No self control, no dignity. Just a chronic masturbator, jerking his lonely cock. I toy with idiots like you. I love make you whimper and beg. I have this hold over you. You're weak and it takes no effort at all to take over your weak mind. I'm going to put thoughts in your brain and make you do degrading things while you're all horny and weak. I'm going to fuck with your mind and toy with your orgasm.
You will have two choices: Either you get to cum and not enjoy it, I'm going to ruin your orgasm or, you get to cum and enjoy it but you're going to eat it. You're gonna slurp up that disgusting cum shot. And you're going to do it, I'm sure of it. I'll make you crave it. I push your limits, I make you do things you never thought you would. Soon you'll be obsessing over it. I control your feeble mind.
So go on, stroke that cock fast and bring yourself to the edge. But don't blow it yet, I want you build up a huge load either to eat or ruin. Keep edging that cock. Get stupid, loser. I'll even let you worship my perfect body while you jerk. Now, do you want to ruin it or eat it? I know it's hard for you to think right now.
If you choose to ruin it, you can cum, but when you cum, I want you to keep jerking afterwards. Even though your dick will be so sensitive, you're not allowed to stop. Or, you can get on your back and throw your legs up over your head, and cum all over your face and in your mouth. I'm going to count you down loser, what will you decide?

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