HumiliationPOV - Goddess Kyaa - Focus On My Legs And Feel Your Loser Brain Go Mushy And Dumb

Added: 19-06-2018

I’ve got quite the pair of legs, don’t I? Most slaves have a weak spot for my long sexy legs and I know you do to. I want you to focus only on my legs. Just look at my long legs and forget everything else. Watch as I cross them, & dangle them and tease you with their perfection. You love being teased and tormented by my long sexy legs shaped perfectly in these heels.
It’s almost too much for your brain to handle but you can’t look away, you’re entranced by them. They turn you on and make you weak. And all I have to do is sit here in this chair and cross and uncross my legs. You’re getting so weak for Goddess. You can’t help but feel your cock throbbing just from looking at my legs. My legs make you weak and stupid.

Stare at my legs, obsess over them. Feel your little loser brain go mushy and dumb as I tease you with my gorgeous long legs. Don’t think, just stare and stroke. Feel your dumb loser brain go numb, my sexy legs destroy your will & you can’t look away. You love this.

Your brain is total mush as you worship in awe of my perfect legs. I am a perfect Goddess with perfect legs and u are helpless against them. Your addiction to my legs is growing by the second. My legs are your weakness. I love teasing you with my high heels and my short skirt, it makes you so weak and horny. So concentrate on my long sexy legs because they are your total addiction. You’re getting brainwashed into servitude for my perfect legs. Now get on your knees and thank me for giving you a fix of your addiction.

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