Charlotte Stokely - Cuckie Sitter

Added: 03-08-2018

Hiya! I’m Charlotte, your wife hired me to keep an eye on you while she’s out on her date. She called it cuckie sitting. So I guess that means, like she cuckolds you? She does eh, that’s so kinky! So while you’re at home under my watchful eye she’ll be in the arms of some alpha male. She’ll suck his hard cock and let him fuck her any way he wants, huh? Ooh, do I see a little bulge in your pants! Somebody is getting excited. You looking forward to your next romp with wifey or are you just imagining all the ways her date is going to use her tonight? I mean at least with all the cuckolding she must be pretty experienced in the sack when you do get to fuck her, right?

Oh, haha seriously! She doesn’t fuck you? Like ever? You poor thing, haha! Is it like she just wants to keep her pussy fresh for her lovers or something and lets you fuck her ass or gives you blowjobs instead? Cause that wouldn’t be so bad I guess. No? Handjobs? Not even that, oh my gosh! All you get is your sad hand. So you’re just a pathetic little masturbator. That’s like the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Well, your wife didn’t say anything about us fooling around. You must be horny all the time, not getting any! So maybe I could relieve some of that frustration? Imagine fucking my tight pussy! Wouldn’t that be perfect payback. I have to admit, I didn’t think it would, but this whole situation is kinda getting me hot, go ahead, get those pants off I wanna see what we’ve got to work with here. I think we could have some real fun if you know what I mean… I’m warning you though, I’ve got high standards, but if you meet or exceed them I think we can have a really, special night babe.

Come on, don’t be shy! Let’s get you out of those clothes. Oh, wow! You poor boi. I have to admit I was kind of thinking your wife was a cruel bitch, but I understand now. It’s so tiny! Hey, I saw that tiny stiffy pulse with excitement. So you like when I humiliate you, don’t you? Gross, you’re so pathetic, I can’t believe I was thinking of touching you and helping you get back at your wife. Speaking of your wife, they’re probably in bed by now. Maybe they’re making out right now. You wanna make out too? Go ahead, get down and make out with my toes. While he’s grabbing and pressing himself into your wife you’re kneeling and slobbering over my pretty toes. That seems about fair, doesn’t it?

Aw, look at that little stiffy pulsing and dripping with excitement. You smalldick guys always have a thing for feet! You must want someone to touch that little dick now so bad! But first what do you think they’re up to now? Do you think she’s blowing him as we speak? Ooh, yea, I bet that’s it! Ok, while you imagine him sinking his hard cock into her warm mouth, getting the blowjob you never get to experience I want you to slap your cock and balls. Harder, it should hurt! He’s feeling your wife’s soft lips and fucking her mouth. I want your cuckold cock and balls burning with pain and shame! Keep slapping them. Harder, wimp! I want to see you make it to at least 100 good firm slaps!

Good job, I hope they ache all night! By now they’re probably onto the main event. He’s fucking the pussy you’re denied. Look at your little stiffy, I think it likes the abuse! But now I want you to make it feel good. Fuck your . You’ve earned it, haha. That’s right he’s fucking your wife’s pussy and you’re kneeling, fucking your . Would you like if I stripped for you, right now? Oh, I bet you would. Would that help you forget about the fact that all you’re doing is fucking your hand? Well we can’t have that, can we? You are fucking your hand. That’s all you’re doing. I don’t want you pretending you’re fucking a pussy, because you don’t fuck pussy. Go ahead, try to stare up my skirt at the pussy you don’t get and keep humping that hand. As you do it I want you to chant. I don’t fuck pussy, I fuck my hand. Don’t feel sad, embrace your shame. You’re a cuckolded smalldick masturbator.

That’s right, keep stroking and chanting I don’t fuck pussy, I fuck my hand. You’re getting close aren’t you? Are you imagining her lover pumping his cum into your wife’s pussy. I bet he has already. While you’re reciting your loser chant he is flooding her pussy with cum. Haha, that got you to the edge, didn’t it. Don’t you dare cum! Slap those balls until the feeling passes. Men fuck and cum, you’re not a man… no cummies for you! Now start humping your hand again. Don’t stop and keep up your chanting. Whenever you get close slap your balls and then start over! Let’s see how many times you can make it to the edge and how blue your little cuckie balls can get before your satisfied and well-fucked wife returns!

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