HumiliationPOV - Tease And Denial Findom Mindfuck

Added: 06-08-2019

Hi stupid. Are you hard and horny? Searching online for something to jerk off to? That’s why you’re here. You love being humiliated by hot bratty women who love taking your money. And I love making you weak and stupid. And the one way that I know how to make you horny and stupid is to make you edge. You love edging, don’t you? But you know you must pay me before you touch your dick. I own your cock and I own your orgasms. Without me, you wouldn’t even be able to get hard.
All I have to do is call you a Loser and your cock twitches. I love humiliating you while you edge. And you’re going to edge while I tease and deny you for being a pathetic loser. And while you’re edging, you will pay me each time I tease and deny you. I love knowing that you’re paying to be tortured by me.
Edge your cock loser while I tease you with my perfect body. And remember, each time I deny you, you have to pay before you stroke again. Get yourself to the edge. I want you so weak and horny for me. I know you can’t help yourself, you can’t resist me. Now stop. Good boy. Watch your cock twitch in the air. I know how badly it wants to be touched. Does it want more attention from both of us?
Edge it again and this time I’m going to let you edge it to my ass because I know it will make you weaker and hornier. And I love making you weak and hard and horny for me so I can drain you. The harder your cock is, the more pliable your mind gets. Just look at my ass and jerk yourself stupid, loser. You know you need to pay for this and every time you send a tribute your cock is going to get harder and harder. It will feel so fucking good that you won’t be able to stop.
I know you’re growing more and more desperate for my ass. You’re going to be so horny and desperate by the time I’m done with you and your wallet will be empty. Keep edging for my ass, loser. You’re going to be stuck edging to my videos for the rest of your life. You’re getting so fucking addicted because it feels so good to be on your knees in front of your screen and edging. You can’t stop, can you? Edging away while you send me tributes because you have no self control.
Now stop loser. You’re so weak and pathetic, on your knees, begging to pay so you can edge again. I want you obsessed and addicted. And you are not allowed to cum unless you contact me and get my permission. Otherwise, you’re going to watch this video on loop and edge and pay over and over again.

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