Miss Honey Barefeet - Ass Obsessed Sniffing Edging Jerk Zombie

Added: 21-08-2019

Hey loser, would you like to get high and dumb with me? I love how fucked up you get when you sniff. I want you to sniff and worship my ass. So grab your cock and your sniffers and let’s get you nice and horny while you stare at my perfect ass. I know it makes your cock rock hard. Time to sniff. And again. That’s it, feel it and stroke your cock slowly as you look at my ass. Stroke it slow for my ass. I want to get you high and dumb. Keep sniffing and slowly stroking your cock. You’re going to edge and enjoy every stroke to my ass.
You’re a weak, horny, stupid pervert. Those sniffers make you stupid and addicted to my sexy ass. They make you so easy to control. Sniff again. Deep. It feels so good to stroke and stare. You love sniffers and ass. What a lethal combination. Sniff again. You’re a weak, horny, obedient puppet for my ass. Look what sniffers do to you. You’re so horny, you can’t look away from my ass as you jerk your brains out.
Sniff it for my ass. Another big whiff. Good boy. Now look at my ass. You’re mesmerized. Your cock is throbbing. You’re going to sniff and edge but you’re not going to cum. You’re not worthy of an orgasm. Just sniff and jerk your brains out. Just stare at my ass on your screen as you edge yourself stupid.
You’re a kinky little perv, that’s what sniffers do to you. Sniffers make you stupid for ass. Edge for my ass. Get lost. You’re getting so fucked up for me. Sniff again. Good boy. Keep edging, keep destroying your brain cells for my ass. You are an ass worshiping jerkoff loser. It’s so easy to fuck you up. I think I’m going to ruin your orgasm, just for fun. Sniff.

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