HumiliationPOV - You Don’t Compare To My Man, Do You Little Dick Cuckold Loser?

Added: 30-11-2019

Hey you fucking loser. I know you’re jerking off right now. You’re so pathetic. You’re fucking jerking it for me because I know you’re so fucking horny and there’s nothing you can do to get rid of that horniness. You can’t go fuck someone, can you? No, LOL! You’re just jerking and jerking, it feels too good to fucking stop. LOL you fucking idiot, just look at you! You’re so fucking dumb.
Don’t you wish you had a big cock like my man’s? Of course you do, but you don’t. You’re not a real man and you never will be. All you are is a fucking loser. You’re a loser with a tiny cock and I know you’re so jealous that I get to be with a real man and you just get to sit at home alone jerking your tiny dick to me while my real man gets to fuck me. Do you see his cock? Do you see how fucking big it is? Look at it and then look at your cock and look at what you’re doing.
You see this is why you’re a little dick cuckold who doesn’t get to have sex. It’s because not only is your dick little but you spending your time jerking off to videos of me online. Only cuckolds do that. Real men like this aren’t doing that are they? No, he gets to fuck me because he isn’t a loser with a little dick jerking off to femdom cuckold videos.
I am a perfect Princess and I get to fuck real men. You are a loser, and this is a real man. This is a cock that fucks me the way I want to be fucked and the way I deserve to be fucked. So take a good look at his big cock and jerkoff to it, lol! You will never measure up. Now take a look at his hot built body and then take a look at yourself. At your pathetic pasty body and your pathetic cock. You just don’t compare. The best that you can hope for is to jerk that tiny cock and hope that you can amuse me with it.
A perfect Princess like me gets to fuck his perfect body and his huge cock and you get to sit at home and jerk off to the fact that I fuck real men with big dicks and what you have is certainly not a real cock, lol. Real men don’t jerk off with two fingers, that’s how little dick losers jerk off. Real men get to shoot their loads inside of me while you get to make stupid worship puddles all alone because no one wants your little dick. Girls don’t want little pinky dicks. No they don’t. Girls want big hard cocks, just like this that you will never measure up to.
And while my man will get to fuck me all night long after I turn the camera off, you’re just going to be sitting there all by yourself with my clips and your dick between your two fingers. Pathetic. This is what you deserve and I don’t feel bad for you one bit. Now I’m going to fuck my man while you watch this clip over and over and over until your little dick explodes for me. It will be a good reminder of what a pathetic little cuckold you are.

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