HumiliationPOV - Beg For Denial, Beg For What You Deserve - Instructions

Added: 29-06-2020

Do you think this clip is going to be just some jerkoff instruction where I tell you exactly how to touch it in order to achieve a mind blowing orgasm? Of course not fuck you! Do you honestly believe that you deserve a nice jerkoff session? No, that’s not for jerkoff losers like you. You don’t deserve that. You do not deserve to have a nice prolonged jerkoff session or an amazing orgasm. That’s too much self pleasure. You don’t deserve all of that attention, now do you?

I know that this both disappoints you and excites you. And the part of you that gets excited by it knows that you truly don’t deserve it. But we need to take it once step further to truly prove that you know deep down that you don’t deserve it. I want you to beg for denial. I mean that only makes sense. Why would you beg for an orgasm or to even jerk off when you know the result? You already know you’re going to be denied so that would be a waste of time, now wouldn’t it? You know I’m going to leave you with blue balls. So you should be beg for what you deserve, beg for denial.

Beg for what you truly want. Beg for it, beg for denial. It’s what’s going to happen anyway. I’m not going to give you an orgasm, you don’t deserve one. And deep down you know it’s true. And aren’t you lucky that you have me here to remind you of that? And I’m also here to make sure that amazing orgasm doesn’t happen because I know that you don’t deserve it. It’s not what will make you happy, I mean momentarily it will feel good but then you’ll feel guilty. You know it’s not right for you. You deserve denial so I want you to really beg for it.

Just look at my sexy body, I want you to beg for denial as I tease you with my perfect curves. My body is perfection. All you get is teased and denied. That is what you deserve. That is what you love, you love denial. And I know that’s what’s best for you and so do you. I want you to start to stroke, stroke to the fact that you’re going to be denied. Look at my perfect body while you stroke, feel yourself getting so fucking horny, really get yourself desperate to cum, and as soon as you feel yourself getting close, I want you to beg me to deny you.

Keep jerking idiot. It feels good. But I’ll bet it feels even better knowing you’re going to be denied. Keep stroking to my gorgeous body, keep stroking to your denial. You’re so pathetic, I’m really going to make you beg for denial. I want you to get close to an orgasm, I know you’re so turned on by denial that it actually might make you cum. Just the idea of denial makes you so horny. Edge to your denial, really fuck up your brain with your horny, desperate cock. I know how close you are. Now hands off! Fuck you! You don’t deserve to cum loser. LOL it’s so easy to fuck with you.

– Empress Mika –

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