Eva de Vil - Happy Blue Year! A - New Year

Added: 06-01-2021

You have 2 options for New Year’s Eve. Clip A or clip B. Whichever you choose will decide your fate but there’s no discernible difference between them. It’ll be a surprise. The first 13 minutes are identical, however in one clip, I let you shoot a huge load as the clock strikes midnight. In the other, I cruelly deny you once again and mock your frustration.
This challenge started back at the end of September, when I gave you your last JOI before Locktober and you slapped a padlock on your chastity cage, ready to submit completely to my commands and surrender all control of your orgasms. That gruelling month of chastity was followed by two mind bending months of edging. You’ve been going crazy with desperation, following my ever increasing quota of tasks and demands as I laughed at you for being so stupidly horny.
It’s all culminated to this day. New Year’s Eve. You must watch the first half of this clip in the morning, when I’ll give you your instructions for the day. Today’s gonna be the worst day yet. The salient and unignorable need to cum will be the only thought occupying your mind all day long. Don’t you dare skip ahead and check which clip you chose. There’s nothing you can do but accept your orders. We return at 10 minutes to midnight. You’re practically in tears and you need to cum now more than ever before. I tease it out, savouring the last minutes of the challenge and savagely taunting you with my perfect nude body. I know it’ll destroy you if I deny you again.
Either way, you’re gonna see in the new year with me, worshipping your Goddess as you should be. You’re entirely at my mercy. Are you gonna say goodbye to blue balled agony along with 2020? Wait until the very last second to find out.
The clips in this series are: Last JOI Before Locktober, Locktober Check-in, No Nut November, No Nut November Midpoint Torment, Edging Tasks for Desperation December and Desperation December Part 2.
Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Eva de Vil, POV, Edging Fetish, Orgasm Denial, Challenges, Cum Control, Denial, Denial Countdown, Holiday, JOI Challenge, Masturbation Encouragement, Sensual Domination, Teasing, Tease And Denial, Tease, Denial, Cocktease, Topless,Christmas & New Year
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