Princess Miki - Easy Loser

Added: 01-02-2021

By Princess Miki Aoki
These days, I don’t really make these easy, loser-symbol, middle finger verbal humiliation clips often. Why? They’re so easy, just like you.
I guess I was feeling particularly bratty when I filmed this, and every now and again, it’s fun to further break down an already broken loser like you.
I figured this cheerleader outfit would summon some memories of your formative years, which is exactly what you want. You were a different person back when you were a boy, weren’t you? You didn’t have the kind of superpower you do today: the ability to sexualize your unfortunate lack of sexual desirability.
Pretty girls probably made fun of you back then; at the very least, they laughed at you behind your back. Because of your newfound superpower, you’d love to go back to those days, where humiliation was daily and plentiful. I suppose I’m a surrogate for the memories of those girls that were so mean to you back then.
Your desire to go back in time to receive more abuse from girls who don’t want you makes you particularly pathetic, and the realization of this makes you particularly hard. It’s an endless cycle for you, and you’re comfortable with this. You’re really a loser, aren’t you?
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