ClubStiletto - Miss Madison - I'm out of your league, but you can be My TOILET

Added: 16-02-2021

You gaze at Miss Madison through the mirror even though your head should be bowed. You can’t resist because it is a special day. She is going to make you her full toilet and you know you can’t mess up. You crawl towards her and she looks back over her shoulder saying “Oh, it’s you.” She looks somewhat disgusted but that’s to be expected after all you are prepared to give everything up just to eat and drink what her body gives you. She tells you to look at her from head to toe, starting at her feet of course. She runs her hands over her ass and says “You know and I know that I’m way out of your league, I won’t typically give a guy like you the time of day, look at my ass, imagine even being allowed to kiss it, so you better be desperate and be prepared to do desperate things.” She laughs, seeing you naked and your cock getting hard. “You’re going to have to be my toilet” she reminds you adding “If you’re going to bring your mouth up to my ass it’s because you’re going to eat my schl1t.”
Miss Madison says once you have eaten from her you will be her toilet slave for life. “My piss, my spit, my sch1lt, whatever I give you, you’re going to consume it all” she says. Now she tells you to come close to smell her ass as she has left it dirty just for you. Today will be your first meal and you will eat it all and anything you miss you will lick up from the floor. Good luck getting that white carpet clean. Miss Madison is now ready to reveal her sweet butthole to you so she first has you kiss her feet. This is where you belong now, on the ground at her feet. She tells you get your tongue between the netting and says you probably wish she would piss in them so you could suck that up from the fabric. She now waves her butt in your face and then pulls down her pantyhose, spreading her butt cheeks so you can get a good look at her butt hole. “Get your tongue in there and loosen me up” she tells you. She directs you how to lick and tongue her and then finally tells you to wrap your lips around her anus. “It’s time, consume it all or you’re gone.”
Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, POV, Miss Madison, Club Stiletto, Blonde, Blond Hair, Toilet, Toilet Fetish, Fetish, Mistress, Madison, Fishnets, Pantyhose
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