Mystie Mae - Mystie's Night Out Part 2

Added: 15-03-2021

I had such a fun time out last night I just can't stop thinking about it... I had to call Kerrie this morning and tell her how much fun I had with Tony last night and how many times he made me cum.. Ever since last night I can't help but think that I made a mistake by dating Kerrie's small dick reject. I've should've known when she broke up with you, huh? Anyways, Kerrie is going out again tonight and she invited me along, she always likes to have fun so I'm sure I'll have another exciting night.
When I return from my amazing night out I'm going to tell you all about it and you're going to sit right there and listen to me.. Kerrie took me to this guy named Lou's house who is really hot and has an unbelievably large dick. She has fucked him before, in a gangbang with all of your friends.. Remember the video I showed you earlier, yeah that's him. Anyways she introduces me to Lou and starts to get right to the point, she wants Lou to fuck me hard while she joins in. I know this must be hard for you to hear Little Dick Nothing Fuck.. Oh yeah Kerrie told me your nickname, lol. Lou must've been 14 inches hard, he made me cum 20-25 times while Kerrie sucked on my nipples and intensified my orgasms. After he made me cum so many times I allowed him to cum deep inside of my pussy which made me cum one last time.. It was amazing and more you could ever do with your small nothing dick. Once again I cum home with no panties on, but on the good side my pussy still seems wet and sticky from Lou's cum, help clean me up

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