Princess Miki - You're a sissy wishing you were wearing this maid outfit

Added: 04-04-2021

So you wanted me to come over in this little French Maid outfit to spice up your life a little bit. Clean your house in this sexy lingerie as you sit in the corner watching, with your cock so hard. This is more fun than getting some old housekeeper to come and clean, right? But I know that’s not what I’m actually here for. You have it written all over your face: sissy. You’re a little sissy. You’re watching me… not getting turned on because of what I’m wearing, my body… this sexy young thing cleaning your house. Nope. You’re watching me wishing you were me. That’s what turns you on: the idea of you dressing up in the attempt of becoming a pretty girl. You’re living vicariously through me right now. You wish you could be wearing this outfit, on your knees scrubbing your own floors. Or, you wish that some guy would ask YOU to wear this outfit and clean his house, huh? You’re jealous. You want to be this. You know what? I’ll let you keep this outfit after I’m done here. But I need you to do something. Admit to yourself, out loud, that you’re a little sissy. A little sissy who isn’t getting turned on by the hot girl speaking to him right now, but instead by the imagination of being her. Because you’re a sissy. Go ahead: live out your reality. It’s more fun than fantasy. Do it, I dare you. I dare you to live out your sissy dreams. Play dress up and clean your house. You’ll thank me for exposing you to this reality.

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